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IC-M502 VHF Marine Transceiver
IC-M502 VHF Marine Transceiver
Easy waterproof operation... manually or by remote! The IC-M502, with its standard 4" X 6" front panel, will easily blend into your cabin console or dashboard. The generous front panel provides large function switches and a wide LCD. With full dot matrix characters, information can be easily read under any lighting condition. By adding the new, optional COMMANDMIC® (HM-127) all available functions of the IC-M502 (except DSC operation) can be controlled from remote locations, such as from the deck or flybridge. Plus, the COMMANDMIC® doubles as an intercom. Click on the small image to get a large picture of the IC-M502. "Bottom line: The Icom IC-M502 is clearly a top-rate, commercial-quality marine VHF radio. It excelled in all of our tests. We were surprised to find it priced below $300. The IC-M502 is definitely our top pick" - Practical Sailor and Powerboat Reports, 8.01 New! 2002's best Fixed Mount VHF Radio award given to the IC-M502 by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). The prestigious NMEA award once again goes to Icom (11/02)!


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